The Wedding Within the War


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Introduction [1971]

1970 -- The Fourth Night of Cambodia

1959-60 -- The Birth of the New Left

The Third Sunday in May Was a Beautiful Day
Preface: The Birth of the New Left
The Vigil at Chessman's Execution
The Protest against HUAC

1964-66 -- The Turning Years

Preface: The Turning Years
The Birth of the Free Speech Movement
Barefoot in a Marshmallow World
On the Firing of Dr. Clark Kerr
The Movement and Educational Reform
When We Sighted the Yellow Submarine

1967 -- Cooling It

The Adventures of Garbageman









1967-68 -- In Violent America

Preface to Violence

On the Road:
       A Violence Sequence
      Notes from an Eastern Trip

      Letter to Jerry Rubin
      Chicago: First Day, Last Day

Reflections on the American Theater
The Context of Campus Violence

1968-70 -- In Berkeley

Preface: In Berkeley
Claiming Turf in Berkeley
Huelga KMPX!
At the Fillmore
All Hallow's Eve
The Bare Facts about the People's Park
Memo from Spaceport Berkeley
The Mulford Act
Park Poem introduction
Poem for a Victory Rally in a Berkeley Park
On a Wedding in Mariposa

Toward the Future

Declaration on the Birth of the Child Lorca



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