I owe thanks to the following folks for permission to reprint these writings:

"The Fourth Night of Cambodia" originally appeared as "The Day We Named Our Child We Had Fish For Dinner" in The New American Review 11, thanks to Ted Solotaroff.

"The Vigil at Chessman's Execution" originally appeared in The Daily Californian of May 6, 1970.

"Memo From Spaceport Berkeley" originally appeared as "From Moonshot Berkeley" in The Daily Californian of August I, 1969.

"Civil Rights and the Free Speech Movement" originally appeared in Occident, Fall 1964, incorporating much of "The New Radicals," Occident, Fall 1960.

"All Things Come to their Change" appeared in Occident, Fall 1961.

"Barefoot in a Marshmallow World" is reprinted courtesy of Ramparts, Volume 4, number 9, issue of January 1966.

"The Movement and Educational Reform" appears courtesy of The American Scholar, Volume 36, number 4, autumn 1967.

"Cooling It; The Adventures of Garbageman" appears courtesy of The New York Revlew of Books, Volume 10, issue of February 15, 1968.

"A Violence Sequence" originally appeared in three sections in The ViIlage Voice. Reprinted by permission of The Village Voice. Copyright © 1968 by The Village Voice, Inc.

"Ode to Denny Spock" was first published in Green Flag, Journal For the Protection of All Beings 3, 1969. City Lights Books.

"Letter to Jerry Rubin" originally appeared in the Berkeley Barb, 1968.

"Reflections on the American Theater" is an expanded version of "Typhoon Season," which appeared in Activist #22, Volume 9, number I, fall 1968 issue.

"The Context of Campus Violence" was first published by Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc., in Rolling Stone, #30, April 5, 1969.

Fragment of "Poem for a Victory Rally in a Berkeley Park" appeared in The Marijuana Review 1;15.

Fragment of "Poem for a Victory Rally in a Berkeley Park" appeared in The Whites of Their Eyes, CONSUMPTION, Volume 3, numbers 1 & 2.

"Declaration on the Birth of the Child Lorca" appeared in the New Schools Exchange Newsletter as a prepublication excerpt from The Rasberry Exercises. Reprinted from New Schools Exchange Newsletter, Issue #47, 301 East Canon Perdido Street, Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101.

Fragments of a song by Carl Oglesby, published by Fennario Music Publ., Inc., ASCAP, is used with permission of Vanguard Recording Society.

"The Fear That Precedes" by Robert Duncan was originally published in Evergreen Review, Volume 1, issue No.2. Reprinted with permission of the author. Copyright © 1957 by Robert Duncan.

"A falcon circles with his eyes" is used with permission of the author. Copyright © 1971 by George Csiscery,

"Claiming Turf in Berkeley" first appeared in the San Francisco Express-Times, Volume I, #25, issue of July 10, 1968.

"Huelga KMPX" appeared in the San Francisco Express-Times in 1968.

And larger gratitude to Mary Dick, Erica Weiner, and Karen McLellan for sharing the numbness of typing; to Mike Kenney for his help in editing; and for the grace of their art to Jan Worthington, Michael Alexander, and my sister Deborah (God's-Thumbprint), whose linoleum-block birth announcement provides the cover.

First Edition
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 69-I5884 Copyright © 1965. 1967. 1968. 1971 by Michael Rossman

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