Michael Rossman's Leukemia Blog

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22 July 07

"If the whisky don't kill me
I'll live till I die"

29 July 07

Some Technical Details, a Little Moisture, the Desert

12 Aug 07

Dream a Little Dream ...

26 Oct 07

Moving On, Going In

28 Oct 07

Another Propitious Dream

8 Nov 07

An Update from Karen McLellan

23 Nov 07

Thanks Giving
Good News Comes in Twos

25 Dec 07

[A brief update]

9 Jan 08

About the Blood Stem-Cell Transplant Center Known as 11 Long

2 March 08

Phase I, Phase II, Phase III already, oh my!
A resume, an update, and an urgent invitation

4 March 08

Bulletin Update Bulletin (so soon!)

18 March 08

Medical update; and
please come help pack some books!

22 March 08

Packing My Books: A Brief Vignette
and Other News

28 March 08

Last night's unanswered correspondence

1 April 08

what springs eternal