Moving On, Going In

Dear Friends,

        During the late Sixties, my most peaceful and productive time was the months I spent in jail for my part in the Free Speech Movement. During this decade, I hope to say the same about my time in hospital. I’ll spend at least a month at UCSF, in treatment for an acute leukemia. I'm going in on Oct. 29; I hope to be out by my birthday on December 15.

        While I’m there, I mean to put up a website – -- in part to publish two books. One will be about science education, which I taught for thirty years. The other will bring together 43 years of my writing about the FSM. I’ll appreciate your help in making them visible on the Web, and through traditional publication.

        I’m glad to say that my new blood system will be transplanted from my dear sister Devora. Besides being the best possible match medically, her blood is also politically compatible, as she too is a veteran of the FSM and a lifelong hugger of trees and children.

        In hospital and during the long recuperation, as so far, I’m supported so by loved ones, as to be as fortunate as anyone can be. Please don't send flowers or plants, as they'll be dangerous to me. I'm not sure yet about visitors. I hope to do better than I have so far, at keeping friends posted through my blog at I’ll welcome your comments there.

        Michael Rossman

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