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22 July 2007

"If the whisky don't kill me
I'll live till I die"

             -- traditional song

Dear Friends,

        Misfortune has found me, abruptly.

        After proceeding invisibly for some while, a nasty process has been suddenly revealed by routine blood counts. My bone marrow has been shutting down -- all three lines of blood cells have dropped to between half and one-quarter of their normal values. My counts have stabilized for the past several weeks, but that's no predictor of stability. I'm involved in an intense process of diagnosis, reading, pondering treatment options -- and relating to the medical system, oy, need I tell you?

        Some technical details will appear in future entries, as well as partial answers to such questions as "what are you doing?" "how are you doing?" "what do you need?" "how might I help?" "why?" and "why not?"

        This blog is meant as my main way to keep in touch. Those who've been through such will better understand the wry paradox, of how stressful it can be to engage with the love and concern of one's dear friends. If I observe that cards and emails are for now the most merciful ways of sharing, this is not to swear off closer contact in the near future, but to moderate it -- for being in direct touch with you is life-giving, a tonic needed in neither too sparse nor too great measure. Though Karen and Lorca are my most direct supports in the medical process, they too may need protection from being information intermediaries; I look forward to their guidance and help in making timely information accessible here.

        From 7/30 to about 8/10, I'll be in the Nevada desert in a large family encampment -- with my siblings and children, their children, Karen, and Sandy (Jaime's mother-in-law) -- planned well before all this came up, and mercifully welcome now.

        For those who receive this by email, my blog will be at http://mrossman.livejournal.com . Enjoy!


            Michael -- 22 July 2007

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