Uncollected Essays

Notes from an SDS Re-Union

Gone to compost but still alive. (1976).


For the unborn children of my generation.

Music Lessons

On learning to play music (with a pedagogical afterword).

My Father Takes a Trip

Escorting my father on his first LSD trip.

We Shall Overcome

A memoir on the place of folk song in the New Left.

Up Panoramic

A blissful day of deep reconnection.

Parasites and Modern Man

A rueful reflection on parasitism in ordinary life.

War Games

The poster archivist at work, just before he became one consciously.

A Father for Our Time

Social-psychological developments after the FSM.

The Fool of Sociology

A professional biography of John R. Seeley.

And Wilderness Were Paradise Enow

A requiem for Berkeley's waterfront wilderness.



Lesser Works

Remembering Malvina Reynolds

Biographical memoir: political singer-composer, wonderful spirit.
Winter, the Dog

Preparing our son for the death of our dog.


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