by Michael Rossman

Federico Garcia Lorca

Ballad of the Spanish Civil Guard
Casida of the Weeping

Pablo Neruda

Eulogy for F.G. Lorca
Landscape After a Battle
Ode to Federico García Lorca
Song on Some Ruins
The War (1936)
To Miguel Hernandez, Murdered in the Prisons Of Spain

Cesar Vallejo

[ Beware, Spain, of your own Spain ... ]
Funeral Drum-Roll for the Rubble Of Durango
[ He used to write on the air ... ]
[ I watched the corpse ... ]
Little Prayer for a Hero of the Republic

[  Some days the air, comrades ...  ]
Spain, Take This Chalice from Me
Winter at the Battle of Teruel


On Rendering Lao-Tzu
Verses from the Tao Te Ching
(A related excursion)



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