Elementary Science Education

(The pun here is appropriate but subtle; a catchier title might better serve.)

A Draft Introduction

Long ago, in a distant land or universe, or so it seems now, I taught some science to children ...

Simpler Lessons

Learning Life from Life

   Teaching my young son about living things.

The Cutting Up

   Dissecting a fish with first-graders.

A Spring Walk

   Exploring local ecology with my pre-schooler.

A Spring Tasting

   Exploring local weeds with second-graders.

Pumpkin Lessons

   So much can be learned from a rotting pumpkin.

A Blast from the Past

   Science and a war game.


Less Simple Lessons

The Cheese

   Inquiring into a fart yields rich insights into method.

A Quality Lesson

   A complex lesson about material and human qualities.

The Science Teacher's Lie

   Helping young students deal with social traumas.

Surface Tension

   A rich inquiry into molecular forces, with fourth-graders.

The Stinking Sense It Makes

   Deciphering a flower's unusual strategy.

Crystal Lessons

   A simple introduction (2nd grade) and a complex lesson (4th grade).

The Science Teacher's Joke

   Teaching fourth-graders about nuclear missiles.


On Science Education

   An early take on the general problem.

About Teaching Science

   To the classroom teacher who must do some.

Toward Learner-Centered Science Education

   Notes towards a credo.

Science Classes at Ecole Bilingue

   A general survey of my practice after 23 years.

Reflections on My Practice

   Discursions on some key themes.

Related Material

And Wilderness Were Paradise Enow

   Learning the ecology of the neglected Berkeley waterfront.
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