Bulletin of the AOUON Archive, #15

Modern Political Posters: A Bibliography

This bibliography pertains mainly to post-1960 work from the U.S., and secondarily to work  from other nations (and the U.N.) during this modern era. Citations of books not in English are rudimentary, as is coverage of the periodical literature -- confined so far to a few important citations scattered among book references. The historical section on World War I & II posters is a bare beginning. Save for work from the World Wars, Russian Revolution, and Spanish Civil War, little attention seems to have been paid to political poster work before the modern era, at least in English text and translation.

As this listing has been extended from personal holdings through Internet market survey as well as traditional bibliographic methods, the data for some entries are incomplete, and items are apt to be missing in proportion to their rarity. This is so particularly for exhibition catalogues and portfolios of multiple prints, which account for few entries here beyond those sponsored by prestigious institutions; and also for academic theses. (I consider this issue in a separate paper.) Editorial questions appear in brackets.

As this is a work in progress, I would appreciate additional citations, particularly of items unlikely to be discovered in other bibliographies -- as well as brief evaluative comments on the books listed, of the sorts I've begun to provide, with particular reference to U.S. work. In anticipation that others will contribute concise, informed opinions, I've signed mine as [MR]. This page now being updated by Lincoln Cushing.

Michael Rossman   <mrossman@sbcglobal.net>


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Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous.  Adventures In Subversion: Flyers and Posters, 1981-85.  San Francisco: Oh! Press, [1985?]. 36 pp.

Bartnick, Harry: Trouble in Paradise: New England Artists Address Topical Political and Social Issues Facing the United States. MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1989.

Benitez, T., Haas, G., & Wells, C.: We Shall Not Be Moved: Posters and the Fight Against Displacement in L.A.'s Figueroa Corridor. L.A., CA: Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, 2003.

Billboard Liberation Front: The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement. San Francisco: Los Cabrones Press, 1990. 13 pp., 3 b/w + 3 color illus. Practical methods, sans ideological text.

Bread & Roses Cultural Project: Images of Labor. 1199 Bread and Roses Cultural Project, Inc., 1994. Set of 10 unsigned posters (by Jacob Lawrence, Milton Glaser, Sue Coe, etc.)

Chipp, Herschel B. & Students for Peace: Unite Against the War. Kentfield, CA; Western Star Press, 1970. Portfolio with wraps; 1 p. text + 10 oversized detached color plates. From May 1970 workshop at U.C. Berkeley.

Crimp, Douglas with Adam Ralston: AIDS Demo Graphics. Seattle; Bay Press, 1990. 141 pp., 46 b/w + 22 color illus, inc. 31 (39?) posters.

Danoff, Michael: Compassion and Protest: Recent Social and Political Art from Eli Broad Family Foundation Collection. NY; Abbeville Press, 1991. ISBN: 1558593012. . (Also Cross River Press, ISBN 0938175122??) 95 pp. Exhibition catalogue from San Jose Museum of Art.

DeNoon, Christopher, et al: Posters of the WPA. Los Angeles: The Wheatley Press, 1987. 175 pp. , 40 b/w +280 color illus. Texts by Francis V. O'Connor, Jim Heimann, Anthony Velonis; posters 1935-1943.

Drescher, Timothy: San Francisco Murals: Community Creates its Muse, 1914-1990. St. Paul, MN: Pogo Press, 1991. 46 pp. text, 58 color + 44 b/w illus. of murals, nearly all >1965. (Many of the muralists are also postermakers.)

Foner, Moe & Vassil, Pamela: Images of Labor. N.Y.; The Pilgrim Press, 1981.  ISBN 0-8298-0433-1/0452-8.  94 pp.,  32 color ills. 4 pp. historical intro by Irving Howe re labor. [Commissioned?] images by as many left aftists, illustrating quotes. Not posters per se, but served as basis for Bread & Roses portfolio, possibly other posters. [MR]

Foner, Philip S. & Schultz, Reinhard: The Other America: Art and the Labor Movement in the United States. West Nyack: Journeyman Press, 1985. (Abridged & augmented from the much larger Das Andere Amerika. Berlin; NGBK, 1983.) 166 pp., 36 pp. text, 380 b/w + 34 color illus. Inc. 142 b/w + 6 color posters post-1964, very few prior.

Foner, Philip S. & Schultz, Reinhard:   Das Andere Amerika: Geschichte, Kunst and Kultur der Amerikanischen Arbeiterbewegung Berlin: Elefanten Press, 1983.; ISBN: 3885201011. 544 pp., >1000 b/w ills. Contributions by Tim Drescher, Shifra Goldman, Patricia Hills, James Prigoff, Naomi and Walter Rosenblum, and Fred Whitehead. An exhaustive social survey of the history of art and the American workforce. In German.

Heyman, Therese Thau: Posters American Style. Washington, D.C.: Harry N Abrams, 1998. 191 pp., 141 color plates. Exhibition catalogue, texts by Heyman and Elizabeth Broun. Inc. small group of protest posters.

[Inkworks Collective:] Hoover, M. & Simons, T., eds.: Visions of Peace and Justice. Berkeley, CA:  Berkeley, CA: Inkworks Press, 2007.  ISBN 9780930712-01-3. 152 pp.; ~410 color illus.; ~37 pp. illustrated text. "A book of political posters from the San Francisco Bay Area: 1974-2007." Poster intro. essay by C. Wells; politically-themed intro. essays by C. Anthony, D. Bacon, A. Davis, C. Duran, J. Humes,, Y. Lee,  A. Mittal, S. Robb, & V. Whang. Including c. 55% of the shop's cumulative production through 1999, and token coverage later, the book is unique in illustrating the ordinary work of a general printshop in its locale -- and in presenting the largest collection of modern U.S. designs published to date. [Press-ready in 2000, the slightly-enlarged work was finally printed in 2007.] Handsomely illustrated and produced, throughout, it includes straightforward, useful,  relatively-superficial information about the press,  functionally and politically. The political essays vary widely in nature and quality; the one by Whang & Duran situates posters usefully in context of progressive culture.  [MR]

Jacobs, Kerrie & Steven Heller: Angry Graphics: Protest Posters of the Reagan/Bush Era. Layton (UT): Gibbs (Peregrine) Smith Books, 1992. 92 pp., 23 b/w + 64 color illus.

Joy, Diane: No War On Iraq! –The Passions of the Peace Protesters in Their Signs. Oakland, CA: Regent Press, 2004. ISBN 1-58790-073-4. ii + 139 pp.,  126 color ills.  Photographs illustrating unique picket signs in situ (117 solely textual, 47 with emblems and/or images) from three anti-war demonstrations in S.F., preceding the Iraq War. Visible incidentally are 18 of the ~75 printed posters (multiples) observed at these demonstrations. The focus on individual expression undercuts the value of showing both types together in context. No individually-printed computer graphics are visible, although these (and other contemporary) demonstrations were the first in which they figured prominently. [MR]

Kramer, Margia. “Concrete Crisis: Urban Images of the ‘80s, An Exhibition of Street/Gallery Posters Sponsored by PADD in association with Exit Art.”  Special 46 page illustrated supplement to Upfront  Nos.12/13, Winter 1986-87.

Kunzle, David: L'Era di Johnson: Manifesti della gioventu studentesca e pacifista americana. Milano; La Pietra, 1968. 68 pp., 97 b/w + 1 color ill.; 12 pp. text + extensive caption commentary. (Precursor to later catalogues.)

Kunzle, David: American Posters of Protest 1966-70. N.Y.; New School Art Center, 1971. Exhibition catalogue: foreword by Paul Mocsany. 81 pp., b/w illus.; 216 posters listed.

Kunzle, David: Posters of Protest: The Posters of Political Satire in the U.S., 1966-70. Santa Barbara, CA: Regents of the University of California/Triple R Press, 1971. 160 pp., 236 b/w illus. inc. 189 U.S. posters. Unique, valuable reference to work of this period, w/ extensive, lucid commentary.

Lippard, Lucy: A Different War: Vietnam in Art.  Seattle, WA: Whatcom Museum of History and Art & The Real Comet Press, 1990. 131 pp., 88 color ills. inc. 4 posters.  Intimate, intelligent perspective on art-world involvement,. Poster discussion small but important, mainly pp. 26-29, 32, 35. [MR]

Local 1734 Art Collective: Collective Visions: National Poster Art. Wash., D.C.: Local 1743 Art Gallery, c. 1980. 19 pp.(xerox); 8 muddy b/w illus. Exhibit catalogue, 6/19-9/7/80? 1 p. intro + brief self-descriptions by 17 U.S. & 1 U.K. poster workshops, mainly serigraphic, all but one collective, all active. With the '83 catalogue, key documents reflecting the (evolving) national landscape of workshops then, & 2 of its major shows. [MR]

Local 1734 Art Collective: National Poster Art: Images of Our Time. Wash., D.C.: Local 1743 Art Gallery, 1983. 17 pp.(xerox); 18 muddy b/w illus. Exhibit catalogue, 12/9/82-1/31/83. No intro; brief self-descriptions of 6 group & 7 individual poster-makers, 3 other agencies, currently active. (See above.)

MacPhee, Josh: Stencil Pirates. Brooklyn, N.Y.; Soft Skull Press, 2004. ISBN 1-932360-15-8. 192 pp.,  ~29 pp. text,  ~670 b/w + ~270 color ills., 12 stencils. Compact, richly-illustrated, international survey of recent and contemporary stencil art and activity in public venues. Though hardly comprehensive, its wealths of illustration ground MacPhee’s intelligent discussion of technical, artistic, and political dimensions of this activity, serving also as an introduction to actual practice. While scant reference is made explicitly to posters, multiples printed on environmental substrates are deeply cognate, and MacPhee’s work offers grounds for exploring their relationship. [MR]

Miller, J. Wesley: “Madison: Poster Country.” Bugle American 7:15, 4/23/76,; Madison, WI; pp. 16-21, 12 b/w ills. Usefully-detailed review of local postermaking 1967-75 by gatherer of “the largest collection of posters in the U.S.,” being then donated to WI State Historical Society.

Millie, Elena G.: “College Poster Art.” Art Journal, Spring 1984, V.44 No.1. 4 pp., 9 b/w ills.

Minkler, Doug, ed.: Screen Printing & Propaganda. Course Reader for a course at New College of California School of Humanities, undated. 66 pg.

Muller, Mary Lee: Imagery of Dissent: Protest Art from the 1930s and 1960s. Madison, WI; Univ. of Wisconsin Press (&Elvehjem Museum of Art), 1989. ISBN: 0932900208. 56 pp.; 6 pp. text + 89 b/w ills. Brief text is useful in contrasting analytic perspectives underlying graphic portrayals of movements in these eras. 33 images from Dissent  & New Masses 1929-35 portray progressive & reactionary forces in simplistic coherence; 56 from underground papers 1967-71 demonstrate near-incoherence in illustrating radically changed analyses. (No posters per se, only some underground covers and centerfolds.) [MR]

 [National Lampoon staff:] National Lampoon Art Poster Book. N.Y.: Harmony Books, 1975. 1 p. intro. + 26 oversized color plates, 24 detachable. Satirical work; half of the designs involve political themes of the time.

Newsweek, V. 70, No. 10, Feb 1972. N.Y.C.: "Art News: Posters of Protest." Hess, Thomas B., ed., Illus.by John Chamberlain; Edwin Ruda; Louisa. Matthiasdottir; William Harnett; Henry Moore; Tanomura Chikuden.

Pearson, John: Silkscreen: The Poster Project.  Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 2000. 5 pp. text, 102 color ills. of posters + 4 b/w ills of process. Handsome catalogue documenting exhibition at Oberlin, celebrating 1973-1999 silkscreen workshop directed by Pearson. Graceful, personal accouhnt, sketching developments over this era. ~14 political posters. [MR]

Rossman, Michael: Speak: You Have the Tools! Social Serigraphy in the [S.F.] Bay Area, 1966-86. Santa Clara, CA: de Saisset Museum, 1987. 4 oversized pp.; 2 pp. text, 6 b/w illus. Exhibition catalogue. Extensive essay on the development of the social serigraphy movement and the dynasties of Bay Area workshops, w/ list of 61 designs.

Schmidt-Brummer, Horst: Street Art: Offentliche Wandmalereien In Den USA. Berlin: Amerika Haus, 1974. 68 photographs of Berkeley street art in color and b/w, inc. some posters..

Schultz, Reinhard & Kai Reschke: Frieden und Umwelt: Politisch Plakatjunst aus den USA. Bonn; Initiative fur Frieden, 1988. Exhibition catalogue. 36 pp., 2 pp. text + 40 b/w illus.

Shikes, Ralph E.  “Political Posters: A Capsule History,” Art & Artists  #7, Feb/Mar 1988, p. 20-21.

Smithsonian Institution: Images of an Era: the American Poster 1945-75. Washington, DC: National Collection of Fine Arts, 1975. 20 pp. text + 257 color plates. Exhibition catalogue; intro by John Garrigan, essays by Margaret Cogswell, Milton Glaser, Dore Ashton, & Alan Gowan. Inc. >90 post-1965 political designs + c. 25 countercultural. Though such work was constrained by entrance through "artistic" portals, its predominance here remains a remarkable testament to the innovative social force of posters in the '65-'75 era, hardly explored in the accompanying texts. Despite the high rank and prominence of this tribute, no selection as large of domestic political designs was published during the next quarter-century (save incidentally within Grushkin's Rock Art, and in Germany in Foner & Schultz's labor study) -- a testament as striking to other social and cultural forces. [MR]

Stryker, Susan & Jim Van Buskirk: Gay by the Bay: A History of Queer Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco; Chronicle Books, 1996. .) ISBN 0-8118-1187-5.  ix+165 pp., ~300 color & b/w ills., inc 34 G/L + 10 AIDS posters (all >1966, though book's scope is ~1920-1995.)

Tobias, Andrew: Kids Say Don't Smoke: Posters From the Smoke-Free Ad Contest. N.Y.: Workman Publishing, 1991. 96 pp. 45 color ills. of posters, selected from 100,000 submitted from N.Y. City schools; with intro & facing anti-smoking texts by Andrew Tobias. Though not produced as multiples (save in this edition!), the designs are a touching and in some regards impressive tribute to youthful sensibilities of the medium, and to its utility in meliorative pedagogy. [MR]

Wells, Carol A.: Los Angeles: At the Center & On the Edge (Thirty Years of Protest Posters.) Santa Monica, CA: Smart Art Press, 1997. 47 pp.;  6 b/w + 20 color illus. Exhibition catalogue. 36 small pp. text: deeply informed commentary, plus notes about 16 poster workshops. [See Nelson, C., et al: Blood, Sweat, & Tears in International section.]

Wye, Deborah: Commited to Print. N.Y.: Museum of Modern Art, 1988. 118 pp., c. 100 pp text + 164 (133?) b/w illus., inc. c. 20 (55?) posters. Social, cultural and political themes in recent American printed art. Major bibliography.



Bridge: Asian-American Perspectives, V. 8 No. 1, Summer/Fall 1982. N.Y.C.  "Poster Nostalgia: Ten Years of Asian American Poster Art," intro. by  C.N. Lee. 1 pp. text, 62 color + 25 b/w illus. Though the images are small (<2"x3") and the printing muddy, this superb little portfolio -- centered on the major serigraphic workshops in S.F., L.A., N.Y. -- remains (as of 11/03) the largest published collection of Asian-American political work from that era, or since so far as I know. [MR]

Colborn, Bolton, Margarita Nieto, Susan M. Anderson: Across the Street: Self-Help Graphics and Chicano Art in Los Angeles. Laguna Beach, CA: Laguna Art Museum, 1995. 64 pp., 75 color ills. No posters per se, though several postermakers are included. Magnificent portfolio of serigraphic prints; fine essay by Margarita Nieta contexting emergence of modern Chicano art in California. [MR]

De Alba, Alicia Gaspar, et al: Inside/Outside the Master's House: Cultural Politics and the CARA Exhibition. Austin, TX: Univ. of Texas Press, 1998. 308 pp., 58 b/w + 21 color illus. "A study of [how] the CARA exhibition reflected cultural/sexual politics of the Chicano/a art movement & culture generally."

Gibbs, P. J.: Black Collectibles: Sold in America. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1987. 295 pp., c. 700 illus. in muddy color, inc. 53 U.S. posters 1964-78 from the AOUON Archive. (As of 11/03, still the largest published group of Black posters known to me.)  [MR] [CGL, Box 158472, Nashville TN 37215 -- outdated.]

Goldman, Shifra M.: “A Public Voice: Fifteen Years of Chicano Posters.” Art Journal, Spring 1984, V.44 No.1. 8 pp., 8 b/w ills. Thoughtful historical survey, w/ internal focus on major workshops (LRGC, RCAF/CAC, MAC, Self-Help Graphics) and artists  (R. Garcia, M. Montoya, R. Maradiaga, C. Cortez, A.M. Pena Jr.)  [MR]

Kisch, John & Mapp, E . A Separate Cinema: Fifty Years of Black-Cast Posters. N.Y.: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1992. 168 pp.; >200 color illus. "A visual history of the "race movies" from 1915 to 1965 told through the posters that advertised the films."

 [La Raza Silkscreen Center:]  Images of a Community: An Exhibit of Silkscreen Posters and Graphic Works from 1971 to 1979. S.F.: Galeria de la Raza, 1979. Exhibition catalogue. Intro. by R. Garcia, statement by LRGC; [other data?]

Lockpez, Inverna, et. al.: Chicano Expressions: A New View in American Art. Intar Latin American Gallery, 1986. 48 pp.; 35 b/w + 9 color illus. Exhibition catalogue. Curatorial essays by Lockpez, T.I. Fausto, J. Baca, K. Turner on four Chicano art media; inc. 5 b/w +1 color posters.

Louiew, Steve & Omatsu, Glen (eds.): Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment.. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Press, 2001. ISBN 0934052344/352. 350 pp., 433 b/w ills. Rich compendium of testaments and perspectives on domestic A-A activism 1965-85, providing unique (?) political/social/cultural context of A-A posterwork, including brief autobiog notes by N. Hom. Posters are integrated seamlessly with other graphics and photographs, offering unusually direct testament to their original role and context in visual culture (even to the detail of including 25% from other streams of activism.) [MR]

McKenna, Teresa  & Del Castillo, R.C.  et. al. (eds),: Art: Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-1985. L.A.: Wright Art Gallery, UCLA, 1990. [Also Univ. Arizona 1991, 1994.] 373 pp., 46 color + 128 b/w illus. Exhibition catalogue.

Montoya, Malaquias & Lezlie Salkowitz-Montoya, “A Critical Perspective on the State of Chicano Art,” Metamorfosis, V. 3, No.1,Spring/Summer 1980, 3-10. See also Goldman, Shifra M.: “Response: Another Opinion On the State of Chicano Art,” Metamorfosis,V. III No.II, V. IV No.1, 1980/1981, 2-7.

Noriega, Chon A., ed.: Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts in California. University Art Museum, U. California at Santa Barbara, dist. University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2001. 218 pp., 57 color + 60 b/w +102 b/w thumbnails. Exhibition catalogue.Spanish/English text; essays:  Chon A. Noriega, “ Postmodernism, Or Why This is Just Another Poster;”  Jose  Montoya, “The Anatomy of an RCAF Poster;” George Lipsitz, “ Not Just Another Social Movement;”  Tere Romo, “Points of Convergence: The Iconography of the Chicano Poster;”  Holly Barnet-Sanchez, “ Where are the Chicana Printmakers? Presence and Absence in the Work of Chicana Artists of the Movimiento;”  Rafael Perez-Torres, “ Remapping Chicano Expressive Culture;”  Carol A. Wells, “ La Lucha Sigue:  From East Los Angeles to the Middle East.”. Richly instructive, the best discussion to date of its fertile subject. [MR]

[Broadman & Holman, pubs:] African Americans in U.S. History Teaching Posters. Broadman & Holman, 1997  ISBN: 0805400605. 12 posters w/ bio info, inc. MLK Jr., R.Parks, M. Anderson, F. Douglas, B. Mays, H. Tubman, M. Jackson, S. Truth, T. Marshall, F. L. Hamer, G. W. Carver, R. Allen. 


[Beddard, Phil, ed.: highflyers: clubravepartyart. London; Booth-Clibborn, 1995] See U.K. entry review for texts relevant to U.S. work, and contrast with Jordan: Searching….

Belsito, Peter & Bob Davis & Marian Kester: Street Art: The Punk Poster in San Francisco 1977-1981. San Francisco: Last Gasp, 1981. 128 pp., 27 pp. text and 141 b/w illus. (22 political posters, many others w/ political imagery.)

Bisbort, Alan: The White Rabbit and Other Delights: East Totem West, a Hippie Company, 1967-1969. Pomegranate Artbooks, 1996. c. 40 posters illus. in color.

Burleigh, Victor:  Great Rock and Roll Street Art. Atglen, PA; Schiffer Publishing, 2004. ISBN: 0764320998. 288 pp; 744 b/w and color ills.. A good representation of punk posters 1977-1989,  S.F.-centered. Trivial intro., no text; decent band and club indices. Quarter-page and larger ills.; though nearly half are in (soft) color, only a dozen are polychrome and the colors of the rest appear arbitrary. [MR]

Chantry, Art: Instant Litter: Concert Posters From Seattle Punk Culture. Real Comet, 1985. 111 pp., 125+ b/w posters, essay. Covers 1976-1984 era.

Clarke, Ross: The Doors; Dance on Fire. Castle, 1993. 220 pp., hundreds of photos, posters, etc.; "massive comprehensive history."

Drate, Spencer: Swag: Rock Posters of the ‘90s. N.Y,; Harry N. Abrahms, 2003. ISBN 081099115-2 . 160 pp.,  307 color ills. 6 pp. foreword by Art Chantry; small portfolios of work from 53 artists/groups, w/ v. brief intros to each. Somewhat mistitled - actual era-distribution 31/174/103 1990-94/95-99/00-03. Basically post-punk work, no b/w.; v. little rave work included.  ~53 w/ political imagery but v. few with political relevance. [MR]

Farren, Mick: Get On Down: A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters. London; Big O Publishing, 1997. (First published 1976.) 5 pp. text, 66 oversized detachable + 39 smaller color plates.

Grushkin, Paul D.: The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk. N.Y.: Abbeville Press, 1987. 516 pp.,  >100 large pp. text, 153 b/w + 1527 color ills. Sumptuous, over-sized bible of the genre. Includes ~230 posters for political causes and benefits and/or with political imagery – over 25% of the early (1965-70) work illustrated, though its political character is only scantily considered. By 2001, this sub-collection, though not intended as such, still ranked with Kunzle [1971] and Yanker [1972] as the principal published references to political work of this era – supplementing each other usefully, albeit incompletely. [MR]

Grushkin, Paul and Dennis King.: Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion. S.F.: Chronicle Books, 2004. ISBN 0-8118-4529-X. 492 pp., >1500 color ills., ~40 cumulative large pp. text.  Again, over-sized and sumptuous, attempting to survey vibrant national artistic movement. Though discussing developments from mid-1980s on,  nearly all illustrated work is from 1995-2004.  Largely artist-focused; includes much testimony from artists on careers, intents, processes. Notable in this context (esp. compared to prior bible) for paucity of politically-oriented work, and denaturing of political imagery.  [MR]

Jordan, Joel T., et. al.: Searching for the Perfect Beat: Flyer Designs of the American Rave Scene. NY: Watson-Guptil, 2000. ISBN: 0823047512. 160 pp., 350 color ills. Minimal (4 pp.) though somewhat useful text. Selection is so biased to the largest forms that typical rave cards are nearly absent; includes virtually nothing from '88-'91. Though loosely chronological, geography, imagery & designers are randomized, disabling systematic study. [MR]  

King, Eric: A Collector's Guide to the Numbered Dance Posters Created for Bill Graham and the Family Dog, 1966-73. Berkeley; Savah Press, 1980. 120 pp., no illus. Differentiates orders and editions of posters, handbills, postcards.

King, Eric: The Collector's Guide to Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Postcards, and Handbills, 1965-1973, Vol. I. Berkeley; Savah Press, 1996. 455 pp., extensive text & clssificatory data, 813 b/w illus. Covers Russ Gibbs/Grande and Neon Rose ephemera in addition to corrected & augmented coverage of first edition.

Lemke, Gayle & Jacaeber Kastor, ed.: The Art of the Fillmore: The Poster Series, 1966-1971. Petaluma, CA: Acid Test Productions, 1997. 240 pp.

Medeiros. Walter Patrick: San Francisco Rock Concert Posters: Imagery and Meaning. MA thesis in Art History, Univ. Calif. at Berkeley, 1972. 95 pp. text, 43 b/w illus., 4 pp. biblio.

Owen, Ted & Dickson, Denise: High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster. London; Sanctuary Publishing Ltd., 1999. 175 pp., ~220 colour illus. The introduction, by the British nominal authors, has much misinformation. Most valuable for the primary text, reprinting Walter Medeiros's excellent essays for 1976 S.F.MOMA exhibition, slightly supplemented, focussing on major West coast artists, w/ ~120 poster ills., few not in Art of Rock, nearly all pre-1970. An overview of the contemporaneous "British scene" offers ~60 posters, enabling some comparisons. A token text & portfolio of 20 posters from the 1990s introduces "the new Wave." [MR]

Salavetz, Judith w/ Drate, Spencer: Swag 2: Rock Posters of the '90s and Beyond. N.Y.; Harry N. Abrams, 2005. ISBN: 0810992353.  160 pp. Foreword by poster artists Nels Jacobson and Dirk Fowler. “images by 50 of the most important poster artists working today.“

[San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:] San Francisco Rock Poster Art. San Francisco; SFMOMA, 1976.  32 pp. Color & b/w ills. Exhibition catalogue. Densely instructive texts by Walter Medieros. [MR]

Tomlinson, Sally & Walter Medeiros  High Societies: Psychedelic Rock Posters of Haight-Ashbury. San Diego, CA: San Diego Museum of Art, 2001. 89 pp,. 23 color plates & 111 color illus. + "numerous" b&w text illus. "Well researched and beautifully printed exhibition catalogue."

Turcotte, Bryan Ray & Miller, Christopher T.: Fucked Up + Photocopied: The Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement. Corte Madera, CA; Gingko Press, 1999 [soft 2002] 240 pp., ~1000 color & b/w ills., inc  ~720 flyers from U.S. punk scene 1977 -85,  contexted by background images and 53 participant statements. A sumptuous & richly evocative treatment, illuminating the music scene as much as the art, its production, and its role. [MR] 

Walker, Cummings G. (ed): The Great Poster Trip: Art Eureka. Palo Alto, CA: Coyne and Blanchard, 1968. 77 pp., 210 b/w illus. Negligible text. Early S.F. rock-poster orbit.



Conal, Robbie: Art Attack: The Midnight Politics of a Guerrilla Artist. N.Y: Harper-Collins, 1992. 63 pp.; 37 pp. text,  121 color illus. inc. 31 posters. Valuable text.

Conal, Robbie: Art Burn. N.Y.: RDV Books/Akashic Books, 2003. 77 pp., large format. Preface H. Zinn, intros S. Heller & Bill Smith; 3 pp. general notes by Conal. Includes 32 poster-pages from Conal's "Artburn" series in the L.A. Weekly '97-'03, with facing text-pages mainly skewering these public figures; plus 7 covers. A few were made into separate posters; ~10 other posters from early '00s are included. Notable as rare production of editorial cartooning in poster form (cf. work of E. Douglas for Black Panthers, 30 years previously), in Conal's customary visually-raucous style. [MR]

[Conal] Von Blum, Paul: “The Public Art of Robbie Conal,”  Z Magazine, November 1988, p. 79-82.

Cobb, Ron: "Mah Fellow Americans": Editorial Cartoons for the Underground Press Syndicate. Sawyer Press, 1968. 28 full-page b/w cartoons. (Some appeared as centerfold posters in underground papers.)

[Correll] Cushing, Lincoln, “Senior Progressive Printmaker,” Community Murals Magazine, Winter 1984, 19-20. Re Richard Correll.

Davis, Paul: Paul Davis: Posters & Paintings. N.Y.: E.P. Dutton, 1977. 4 pp. text + 29 oversized detachable color plates (9 political.)

[Douglas] Fax, Elton C.: Black Artists of the New Generation. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1977. [14] + 370 p. + 16 plates with 40 halftone ills. Fwd by Romare Bearden. "Biographical profiles of 20 contemporary African-American artists [inc.] Emory Douglas."

[Garcia, R.] Rupert Garcia: Prints and Posters 1967-1990. San Francisco, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1990. (Dist. by Northeastern Univ. Press, 1990.) ISBN 0-88401-069-4. 64 pp. Catalogue raisonne w/ 104 small color ills.; larger color plates of 31 posters + 4 b/w ills. ~20 pp bilingual text, w/ 2 small intros. & major essay by Lucy Lippard re influences on & character of RG's work; + 2 pp. artist data, 3 pp. biblio.

[Garcia, R.] Rupert Garcia. San Francisco: Harcourts Gallery, 1985. ISBN: 0941576094. 15 color ills. Inro. Peter Selz.

[Garcia, R.] Art of Rupert Garcia: A Survey Exhibition. S.F.; Chronicle Books, 1986. ISBN 0877014175 (??) 95 pp., 55 color ills. Catalogue of Mexican Museum exhibition. Foreword by David J. de la Torre; inc. biographical chronology and bibliography, essay by Ramon Favela.

[Garcia, R.] Toward Revolutionary Art, V. 2 no. 2, 1975. S.F. Inc. brief artist's statement and 7  color & b/w full-page ills., plus color cover.

Goines, David: David Lance Goines: Posters 1970-1994. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 1994. 120 pp., 108 color plates (inc. 6 political designs.)

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