Song for Vince

Six in the morning and nobody's there,
refrigerator empty and the windows are bare,
starting again is almost too much to bear
but you're lonely.

She said to call her tomorrow at three,
you liked the touch of her energy,
you know she has her own history
but it's all right.

And you find you don't mind
if it takes a little time,
and your changes go on and on.

Late summer mornings, skin on skin,
you learn you had nothing left to defend,
nice to have someone to call a friend
but not only.

You wonder who owns who and try to talk.
No use! You go for a walk,
knowing what happens is nobody's fault
but it's still real.

And you try to find
a little peace of mind
as the changes go on and on.

At your age you know you need your own space,
a dinner, an evening, each thing in its place,
the occasional sight of a different face
in the mirror.

You court her in distance, she answers in lies,
too busy with housework to meet your eyes.
Turn on the light and the emptiness dies
and you're still here.

And you can't seem to care
enough to do your share
as the changes go on and on.

Six in the morning and nobody there,
bluejay scolding in the mountain air,
fog in the valleys and wind in your hair
and it feels free.

She saves her birthday for her friend,
wanting to try it all again.
You find it hopeless now to pretend
that you don't care.

And beginning and end
is a snake that swallows its tail
as the changes go on and on.

And beginning and end
is a hoop with a rolling boy
as your changes go on and on and on.

c. 1976



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