The Night-Cat

I want you, I need you, I'll leave you tomorrow,
tell me you'll never be true.
Baby, I can't understand
what you'd want with a man
who would play you for some kind of fool.

So tell me you'll never believe in forever
and swear by the light of the moon
with me that everything strange
just goes on in its changes
cycling from full to new.

And when we recover perhaps you'll discover
the reason it happens again,
and take a chance and advance
without false romance
in this dance between women and men.

[sotto voce:]

And when you discover the world's not your prize,
look around you and see what you've done.
The future is for you, but it cuts you to its size,
such a long lonely journey to run.

[segue to first verse]


c. 1976 [song]



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