Song: Dreamy World


Well I tell you it's a dreamy world,
I want my baby's company,
and it's also a scheming world,
I need someone to comfort me.

Well you know that it's a crazy world,
sometimes I doubt my sanity,
but it's also an amazing world,
I want to bring some of it back with me.

Some mornings it's a lazy world,
I lie there dreaming that we're free.
Then I wake into this changing world
and put on myself to be me.

Lots of times still it's a lonely world
when I can't share what I've been through
Where are you now in this only world?
I wanna I wanna I wanna go home with you.

All those times when I can't meet your eyes
I still do want to let you in.
Hard to tell you in this spinning whirl,
I want to begin again.




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