Resident genius upstart demons
of bleak Ohio's proud trivial colleges
shaping your play into structures of knowledge
warm as a household of game-freak
actors in constant lifedrama who float through the common
high reaches each teaching all others
in some partial balance or harmony changing
and coming together to stone in a circle
which makes your walls live and their life
rebound changing your changes which come
to include among their coherent delusional projections

* articulate blurting poets and spinners of fantasy
* stealers Promethean of fire Academic's finest functionality
* burnt-fingered eaters of icicles
* choosy importers with always a little to spare for a traveling message or friend
* incipient witches and shamans of sudden young power
* trippers on bummers eating freely the hemlock watermelon of their changes
* guitarist hearts stung by electric blind fire
* mistresses of guidance with knowing ways
* students in the new human geometry of sharing space
* yearlings unknowingly sure in their strength
* witnessing brothers and associated social engineers:

do your thing. (end of transaction)


16 Feb 69
Granville, Ohio


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