New Age Blues: On the Politics of Consciousness

(E.P. Dutton, New York; 1979 )


I. Portents

The Only Thing Missing Was Sufis
A Brief Report from the Field
A Breath Before a Plunge

II. Notes on the Public Carnival

"Show Us Your Lotus Ass, Rennie!"
The I Scream Man Cometh
Ram Dass, Kali Yuga
But How We Talk Now Together!


A Father for Our Time
The Pedagogy of the Guru

III. Courting the Strange:

The Free Speech Movement as an Altered State
Staring Over Uri's Shoulder
Molly's Epiphany
Notes on the Tao of the Body Poliitic

IV. A Phenomenon of the Seventies

V. On Some Matters of Concern in Psychic Research


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