Michael Rossman: Written and other documents related to the FSM

 This is a more complete listing than in my print bibliograpy, relating some published work, including other unpublished work and the more important interviews and a poster -- but excluding (so far) some published and unpublished poems, and notably excluding the wonderful video of Mario and me made by Dexter/Gilles at the 30th anniversary.

[WWW = The Wedding Within the War (Doubleday, 1971); OLSC = On Learning and Social Change (Random House, 1972);  NAB = New Age Blues (Dutton, 1979)]


(Committee for Liberal Education papers) (Mar-May 1958)
            - brief educational reform uprising at University of Chicago, anticipating the FSM's educational themes.
            - main public position paper and ancillary documents, c. 15 pp.?

"New Faces on the Picket Line." (late 1960?)
            -  early and seminal analysis of the emerging New Left.
            -  published in Occident, Spring 1961.

(Sproul Hall transcript) (10/2/64)
            -  carbon of rough transcript of audiotape (c, 3 pp.?)
            -  fragment of charged debate during subsidiary sit-in, re faculty betrayal

"The Birth of the FSM" (10/3/64)
            - audiotape; full transcript; condensed transcript (c. 30/45 pp.)  in WWW
            -  narrative of history 1950-64, fall 1964 developments through police car sit-in

Survey of campus political history  (10/5-12/64)
            -  unfinished topic drafts in typescript, c. 15 pp. single-spaced; c. 15 pp. handwritten outline
            -  attempted surveys of major themes/areas of conflict with administration

Administrative Pressures and Student Political Activity at the University of California: A Preliminary Report
"Administrative Pressures and Student Political Activity ..."  (10/28/64)
            -  essay and co-edited book, as published (8 pp. offset + 136 pp. faint ditto)
               four mimeographed work-group bulletins (c. 16 pp) + internal memos
               original typescripts of reports and research material (c. 20 published, c. 40 unpublished; c. 700 pp.)
            -  essay summarizes extensive report on campus political history 1950-64,
                        compiled by work-group of 100 students, from oral and documentary sources

Various FSM leaflets  (c. 10/30-12/10/64)
            -  c. 12-15 mimeographed leaflets
            -  official Steering Committee communiques, drafted or edited by me

"Civil Rights and the Free Speech Movement" (12/64)
            -  published in Occident, Fall 1964; and in WWW (12 pp.)
            -  brief for defense attorneys; analysis of FSM's origins in the activist culture of the Movement,
                        with.synopsis of local Civil Rights activism history and its relation to FSM
            -  intro recapitulates "New Faces on the Picket Line"

(Audio interview by Max Heirich) (4[?]/65)
            -  partially-corrected carbon of typed transcript, c. 60 pp.
            -  wide-ranging interview on personal background, motivations, perceptions of
                        the issue and dynamics of the conflict

(Audio interview by CBS Reports staff) (5[??]/65)
            -  partially-corrected carbon of typed transcript, c. 80 pp.
            -  wide-ranging interview on personal views of FSM, politics, education, drugs, life
            -  background material for CBS film, "The Berkeley Rebels"

Letter to Judge Crittendon (6[?]/65)
            -  typescript (8 pp.)
            -  letter to trial judge before sentencing, concerning my motivations

"On Education, In America" (7[?]/65)
            -  published in The Wedding Book, 1969 (mimeo, 6 pp.)
            -  poem written on day of sentencing, about why

"Barefoot in a Marshmallow World" (10[?]/65)
            -  published in Ramparts, Jan. 1966; and in WWW (12 pp.)
            -  review of books on FSM, stressing their incomprehension, with remedial notes
            -- refined from more extensive drafts, deriving from larger chaotic meditation

"Consensus at Berkeley" (5/66)
            -  published in installments in three weekly Daily Californian supplements (c. 30 pp.?)
            -  lengthy critical review of the Report of the Chancellor's Select Committee on Education
                        (known as the Muskatine Report; published as Education at Berkeley.)
            -  my extensively annotated copy of the Report remains as background material

"The Joysday Machine" (12/66)
            - pamphlet in form of poster, with extensive text rendered as graphic elements
            - proposes program of defense of activism against administrative interference, deriving from FSM
            - appears to be the first use of psychedelic graphics in the emerging political poster renaissance

"On the Firing of Dr. Clark Kerr" (1967)
            -  published in WWW (4 pp.), reprinted in There Comes A Time: Poetry of the FSM
            -  poem reflecting on FSM as our response to Kerr's regime

"The Plaza and Free Speech" (4/67)
            -  published in Daily Californian, 4/11/67 (c. 6 pp.)
            -  about the dynamics of its maintenance since FSM

"Notes from a California Jail" (9/67)
            -  published in New York Review of Books X:3, 2/15/68; and in WWW; (33 pp.)
            - memoir about serving time for FSM, reflecting on education and the Movement
"Breakthrough at Berkeley" (1968)
            -  typescript (40 pp.?); major excerpt in The Center Magazine I:4, 4/68
            -  massive, unfinished essay on the evolution of political community in Berkeley, 1960-68

"Organizing Unions of Teaching Assistants." (1968)
            - per title; published in As Is (USNSA), April 1968
            - brief derivative focus, without explitit reference to FSM

"Claiming Turf in Berkeley" (1968)
            -  published in S.F. Express-Times 1:25, 7/10/68; and in WWW; (5 pp.)
            -  on the territorial imperative of the local movement, from FSM to date

"Open Space" (9/69)
            -  published in OLSC; (5 pp. excerpt)
            -  two FSM examples, in a long essay on open (self-directed) learning forms

Commentaries on my FSM writings  (1970)
            -- contexting the five pieces reprinted in WWW

"Looking Back at the FSM [As an Altered State]" (1973)
            -  published in Express 6:50, 9/28/84; condensed in Calif. Monthly 85:3, 12/74; entire in  NAB; (6 pp.)
            -  the FSM as a collective state of altered consciousness with transcendental analogues

"A Tale of Ten Years, a Father and a Son" (1974)
            -  published in Rolling Stone #160, 5/9/74; and as "A Father for Our Time" in  NAB; (9 pp.)
            -  reflections on the social psychology of the FSM and consequent developments

"Looking Back at the Free Speech Movement" (9/74)
            -  published in Daily Californian VI:27, 10/1/74; condensed in California Monthly  85:3, 12/74; (18 pp.)
            -  major retrospective on the nature and historical significance of the FSM

"Open Circle Processes" (c. 1976)
            -  xeroxed typescript of learning-games book draft (6 pp. excerpt)
            -  analysis of distinctive dynamics of the FSM's large-group meeting processes

"Free Speech Carols"  (9/84)
            -- new liner notes and brief promo for our reissue of "Joy to U.C."

Notes on FSM memorabilia (9/84)
            -- prepared for display at the anniversary commemoration
            -- about the functions and testament of the movement/s ephemera

"Twenty Years Later... An FSM Reflection" (9/84)
            -  published in East Bay Express, 9/28/84.
            -  combined abridgement of "Looking Back at the Free Speech Movement" and "Looking Back at the FSM"

(Panel, "The Story of the Free Speech Movement") (10/2/84)
            -  transcript of talk during 20th anniversary proceeding, 14 pp. hand-corrected
            -  exegesis of song, etc.

(Audio interviews by Mark Kitchell) (1984)
            -  transcribed to ASCI text, uncorrected but fair; 208K
            -  wide-ranging on Berkeley and general political themes, 1960s-focussed
            -  only part concerned with FSM, but references throughout

"To A Young Activist, From A Relic Of The New Left: A Homily About Student Activism, Learning, And Educational Democracy." (1985)
            - published in Daily Californian XVII:183, 7 Nov. 1985.
            - about their paradigmatic interrelation -- what I learned from the FSM, the full party line

(Filmed interviews by Mark Kitchell) (1987-88)
            -  from filming for Berkeley in the Sixties.
            -  transcribed to ASCI text, uncorrected but fair; 125K + 13K dubious
            -  wide-ranging on Berkeley and general political themes, 1960s-focussed
            -  only part concerned with FSM, but references throughout

"Reflections on a Silver Anniversary" (11/89)
            - published in Daily Californian
            -  reflections on the legacy of FSM, and activist careers

Notes on Kitchell's  "Berkeley in the Sixties"  (11/89)
            -- unfinished memoir on the project and the struggle for control of history

"Open Letter to Chancellor Heyman"  (1990)
            -- unpublished  [14 K, 2400 words]
            -- diatribe concerning his refusal to honor FSM memorial sculpture

My accounts of the Berkeley Art Project  (10/92; 1994??)
            -- unpublished; larger one incomplete  [9/16 K, 1500/2600 words]
            -- through the end; up to the final joke

"Five Lives: The Other Side of the FSM" (4/93)
            -  published in Berkeley Insider;(10 pp.)
            -  review of Larry Colton's Goat Brothers (Doubleday), a group biography of the other pole

"Question Authority."  California Lawyer Dec. 1994
- Rueful reflection on lawyers' control of our court case in the FSM.

 (Panel, "The FSM in Long Perspective") (12/2/94)
            -  talk during 30th anniversary proceeding; audio- and videotape, no transcript yet.

"Mario's Last Day" (10/96)
            -  brief memoir for online and mailinglist distribution  [3-6 K, 500-950 words]

San Francisco Chronicle , Tuesday, November 12, 1996
- Letter to editors, protesting unfair coverage of Mario Savio's death

 (Panel, Mario Savio Memorial Service) (12/8/96)
            -  eulogy during proceeding; audio- and videotape, transcri Santa Clara .

"The Organizational Continuity of the FSM"  (9/97)
            -- unpublished; near completion  [45 K, 7500 words]
            -- traces the subject from 1965 through 1984

"The Leaflets of the FSM" (11/97)
            -- introduction to their Web publication  [4 K, 650 words]
            -- considers their material and social character

"Reflections on the Dedication of the Savio Steps"  (12/97)
            -- printed in Daily Cal??  [9 K, 1600 words]
            -- reviewing the administration's slow reversal of attitude about the FSM

Introduction to "The Birth of the FSM"  (12/97)
            -- introduction to its Web publication  [5 K, 850 words]
            -- stresses connection with the Report, my representative role

Notes on FSM media coverage  (10/98)
            -- unpublished  [10 K, 1700 words]
            -- on some factors related to coverage beyond the campus in 1964
            -- also reviewing main documentary treatments since

"The Betrayal of Lenny Glaser"  (8/00)
            -- written for Cohen/Zelnik anthology  [13 K, 2100 words]
            -- of the university's sin in jailing him during the FSM, and ours in not contesting this

"The 'Rossman Report': A Memoir of Making History"  (9/00)
            -- written for Cohen/Zelnik anthology on the FSM  [90 K, 15,000 words]
            -- a major, multi-leveled reflection, suggesting also a transpersonal dimension
            -- severely truncated version published in Cohen & Zelnik, The Free Speech Movement:
   Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s, U. Calif. Press, 2002

"About 'My' FSM Leaflets" (9/00)
            -- about their collective character and particular purpose [8 K, 1300 words]

"Remembering the Police-car Siege …" (9/04)
            - poem written for the chapbook published for the 40th anniversary commemoration

"Repossessing ourselves: Looking back at the FSM" (9/04) [6 K, 1090 words]
            -- written for California Monthly 115:4, Nov 04 , significantly edited
            -- a pithy reprise of some main features.   

"Three Takes on the Berkeley Free Speech Movement"  (10/7/04) [26 K, 4500 words]
            -- edited transcript of panel talk during the 40th anniversary commemoration
            -- presents three theses on the role of Kerr, on the FSM as spiritual possession, and on the key
    significance of the FSM

“A Free Speech Grizzly Sermon” (10/07)
-- speech at Oak Grove Protest, emphasizing free speech relevance
-- printed in Berkeey Daily Planet

Miscelleneous undescribed:

            - letter to Chancellor Myerson about post-FSM situation (1965)
         - organizing documents for 1984 and 1994 reunions
            - incomplete 1984 and 1994 versions of story of the 1964 Report
            - project submission to the Berkeley  Art Project (1991?)

            - organizing documents for Mario's memorial