Looking Back at the Berkeley Free Speech Movement



Civil Rights and the Free Speech Movement      

A background paper for our defense attorneys, discussing the FSM's origins in the activist culture of the New Left, with a synopsis of the local Civil Rights activism leading to it. (12/64)

The Birth of the FSM     

The day after our sit-in around the cop-car ended, I told the story to a tape recorder. (10/3/64)

Administrative Pressures and Student Political
Activity at the University of California

The overview essay from the project I organized to document the university's repression of the student movement. (Uniquely dry reading!) (11/2/64)

The Leaflets of the FSM      

A suite of key leaflets written for the FSM, framed by later commentary. (11/8-12/8/64; 1997, 2000)

On Education, In America     

A poem begun on the day of my sentencing for the FSM. (7/65)

Barefoot in a Marshmallow World     

My review of the early books on the FSM, stressing their incomprehensions, with richly remedial notes. (10/65)

On the Firing of Dr. Clark Kerr     

A poem reflecting on the FSM as our response to Kerr's regime. (1967)

The FSM As an Altered State     

A view of the FSM as a collective state of altered consciousness with transcendental analogues. (1973)




Looking Back at the Free Speech Movement     

Reflections on its character, and its relation to subsequent developments in student liberties and educational reform. (1974)

Reflections on a Silver Anniversary     

Reflections on the local and global legacy of the FSM, and on activist careers. (1989)

The Space Subject to No Earthly Dominion     

An account of the art project meant to commemorate the FSM, and the paradoxical perfection of its denoument. (1994)

We Shall Overcome     

A memoir on the role of folk song in the New Left, particularly in the FSM. (1995)

Eulogy for Mario Savio     

At his main memorial, after his untimely death. (1996)

The "Rossman Report": A Memoir of Making History     

The first half of my FSM experience -- an account of a major project within the FSM, set in perspective of the whole affair, and of its residual mystery. (2000)

The Betrayal of Lenny Glaser      

Unconscionable persecution by the University, abandonment by the FSM: marijuana as a hot potato. (2001)

Remembering the Police-Car Siege      

A poem for the 40th Anniversary chapbook. (2004)

Three Takes on the FSM     

Somewhat-controversial appraisals for the 40th anniversary commoration. (2004)


Related Material

The Adventures of Garbageman, Under the Gentle Thumb of the Authority Complex

A memoir about my time in jail for the FSM, reflecting on education and the Movement. (late 1967)

A Father for Our Time

Reflections on the social psychology of the FSM and consequent developments.  (1974)

To a Young Activist, from a Relic of the New Left

What I learned from the FSM, the full party line -- a homily about student activism, learning, and educational democracy.  (1985)

Five Lives: The Other Side of the FSM    

My review of Larry Colton's Goat Brothers, a group biography of the other pole.  (1993 )

A Free Speech Grizzly Sermon    

An impromptu speech during the tenth month of the Save the Oak Grove protest.  (2007 )


Yet to Come.

The Dedication of the Savio Steps  (12/97 -- 4 pp.)
            Reviewing the administration's slow reversal of attitude about the FSM.

Optional Contents

Letter to Judge Crittendon   (~6/65 -- 16 pp.)
            My letter to the judge before my sentencing, concerning my motivations.

Mario's Last Day   (1996 -- 2 pp.)
            A brief memoir distributed to FSM veterans.

( strong> Open space ( strong> <a href=../fsm/.open#style></ strong> 9/69 -- 5 pp.)( strong>
            Excerpts from an essay on forms of self-directed learning, focussed on examples from the FSM.

Open Circle Processes   (c. 1974 -- 8 pp.)
           Excerpt from a book of innovative pedagogy, focussed on the distinctive dynamics
           of the FSM's large-group meeting processes.

The Story of the FSM   (1984 -- 14 pp.)
            Transcript of my panel talk during the 20th anniversary proceeding.

The FSM in Long Perspective   (1994 -- 12 pp.)
            Transcript of my panel talk during the 30th anniversary proceeding

The Organizational Continuity of the FSM  (1997 -- ~22 pp.)
            Traces the subject from 1965 through 1984 (near completion).

Free Speech Carols   (1984 -- 1 p.)
           Introduction to their re-issue for the 20th anniversary.

A Pitted Image   (2005 -- 5 pp.)
            Reflections on the death of Clark Kerr -- a sour eulogy.

Free Speech with Cappuchino on the Web      (2000 -- c. 15 pp.)
           Reflections on the opening of the Free Speech Cafe on the Berkeley campus, and contradictions
           in the university's long-delayed honoring of the FSM.

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